WPCF Volunteer Program

To volunteer, please contact us:

Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF)

P.O. Box 50302

Bellevue, WA?98015

Fax:     (425) 844-3098

Email:   admin@wellpacific.org


Ms. Yiru, a volunteer


Miss Yiru Tang, a leading Dance Artist of the Dance Department of PPAC.? She has played leading roles in the “The Snow Plateaus?(2005), a Dance and Opera show; Principle dancing roles in the “The Dai Dance?(2004).?She loves sports and enjoys juggling and hiking on the weekend.?A youth performing artist in a number of local festival performances as a dancer or show host in her very early years.?A Software Design Engineer at Microsoft.Net Framework group.?She received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Nanjing University and a Master’s Degree from University of Illinois, Urbana Campaign.

Media Professionals, volunteers 

Ms. Juli

Dance: “Maintain Path of Eighteen Curves?by Dance Department, PPAC (Spring, 05)


We welcome medical professionals who volunteer to provide patient consulting services.?This includes physicians, specialists, registered nurses and nurses?aid.

Pacific Cancer Prevention Center (PCPC) is led by Dr. Mike Liao, a distinguished oncologist and a member of a professional organization with a large number of licensed medical professionals throughout the country.