Patient Stories

Xuefen Jiang

Female, age 61, Carcinoid tumor detected 5/25/2005

Miss Xuefen Jiang, a retired Accountant from a hotel in China, was visiting her daughter, Miss Grace (Xing) Wang in Seattle. Three days after her arrival, she was rushed to the hospital for a small procedure, which led to the discovery of a Carcinoid Tumor. Three operations followed in the 1st week of her US tour. She is now doing well at Swedish Hospital. As a single mom with a three year old daughter, Grace's life is in disorder with most of her time now spent in the hospital. She needs your help and support. To help, please visit the Donate or Volunteer pages under How to Help.  WPCF is an IRS registered 501.C.3 charitable organization and all donations are qualified for federal tax deduction with certificate from WPCF.

Miss Hong Liu

Miss Hong Liu was a visiting artist in Seattle in early 2004 for a couple of months. Recently she has been diagnosed with womb neck cancer at its late stage, which has spread to her lung according to a medical test reported on March 30, 2004 from Beijing Cancer Hospital.

Most of you may still remember her beautiful voice and distinguished performance at the New Year concert in February hosted by Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF) and Chinese Student and Scholar Association respectively. She loved her musical career as a vocal instructor for the past 13 years in South Africa since she left her music teaching post at Nanjing Normal University. On her recent visit to the U.S., she happily accepted a vocal teaching position at Pacific Performance Arts Center (PPAC), part of Well Pacific Cancer Foundation, a charitable organization, and she is beloved by all her students and colleagues. In her spare time, she taught kids music at Washington Chinese School and her church in Northgate. She also supported cancer patients and families by volunteering herself in many music and cultural events sponsored by Well Pacific Cancer Foundation.

She has been a single parent and her son is working at South Africa Airlines. She was in her mid 50's this year.

UPDATE: Miss Hong Liu passed away on Sept. 20, 2004.

Miss Hong Liu passed away around 2:00 am on September 20, 2004 at a Nanjing hospital with her family around her, according to her sister in Seattle. She was not in pain as her heart beat became weaker in the past few weeks, after a 4th radiation treatment. Her family would like to pass along her thanks to people who have helped her through WPCF.

Donations to Miss Liu's family (her mother and her son) and other cancer patients will be accepted through Well Pacific Cancer Foundation. WPCF is coordinating her funeral in China through her family members. 

Mr. Wei-ming Zhang

Mr. Wei-ming Zhang's family was a happy one until 2 weeks ago. Doctors at Virginia Mason Hospital diagnosed him with pancreas cancer. He was already in a late stage, where the cancer cells had spread to his stomach and bones. He now has only a few more months to live. His family is now overwhelmed with despair. Mr. Zhang, a handsome and quiet man among friends, is known as the "Casino Guy". He is 51 years old and was a music composer, a band conductor, a free lance play writer, and a hospital administrator. Mr. Zhang recently graduated with a computer science degree. Due to the bad economy, he was unable to find a secure job and resorted to working night shifts at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma. The tedious job required him to work night shifts from 12 midnight to 6 a.m. He hoped to obtain a job in his field of expertise once the economy started to proliferate again. He had a happy family that consisted of his lovely wife and his 15-year-old son. His wife worked at as a bank-teller, while his son was brought to the U.S. for a better life not more than two years ago.

This tragedy came at a very bad time; the family was not financially prepared at all. Mr. Zhang's income suddenly declined to $200 a month (long term disability benefit from the company he works). Mrs. Zhang lost her income also, due to the fact that she has to stay full time with her husband in the hospital. Thanks to her co-workers who donated 6 weeks of vacation days, they are able to hold up for a short period of time. The family has run out money, they are even unable to pay for the rent. They are depending on their church to pay this month's bill, but after that everything remains uncertain. They had little savings to begin with and now their income has declined rapidly. They are desperately in need of financial aid to help meet the daily necessities of a cancer patient. Mr. Zhang went through an operation that cut off 1/3 of his pancreas, and has been in the hospital for the past two weeks. Due to the cancer cells spreading like wild fire, he cannot take in solid foods and is in a lot of pain (even high dosages of pain killers don't work anymore). He has not had a real meal for weeks and has lost 30 pounds since he arrived at the hospital. Yet he is brave and never sheds a single tear in front of his family and friends. He is still smiling and maintaining a good sense of humor. Mr. Zhang is determined to fight until his very last day. Though doctors have repeatedly turned down his request, he is still persistent on returning home to spend his last days with his family. Dear friends, we ask for your assistance in helping Mr. Zhang and his family to overcome this tragedy. Let us show them how much we care by supporting them and helping them in their time of need.

Mr. Nanchang Su

At about 7:15 a.m. in the early morning of the day after Thanksgiving, 2003, Mr. Nanchang Su was in peace with a calm smile in the arms of his wife and daughter in the Northwest hospital in Northgate Mall area. Within a half hour, Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF) received the death report.

It has been a 2-year, tough fight for this nose cancer patient. Since the time that this 54-year-old patient was diagnosed with nose cancer, the whole family was shocked and then divested with an income loss to the family shortly after. To support the expensive private medical insurance ($900/mo for COBRA), Mrs. Su worked day and night in a Chinese restaurant with long hours. Thankfully relief in the form of SSI medical program had been recently brought in by WPCF. Yet day-to-day life is still a struggle.

Mr. Su's family is a common one like yours and mine. Before the family came to the America in 1997, Mr. Su was a Mechanical Engineer for many years in a High Voltage Electric Equipment Plant in Guangdong and his wife, an Analysis Chemistry Engineer at Guangdong Petra-Chemical Research Institute. Upon their arrival in Seattle, they quickly started going to ESL classes and hunting for jobs. Mr. Su ended up becoming a CNC operator (computer control tools) for a factory in Lynnwood. However, Mrs. Su was not able to find a job close to her experience and skills as the economy downturn came so fast. What helped is their lovely daughter Ying who is a hard-working student and she made it into UW.

Yet, friends who know the Su family all liked Mr. Su as a warm and open-hearted person with an upbeat attitude. He was a good patient and liked to try any new cancer treatment. People saw him singing at a Karaoke party just 2 months ago. He even told his doctor that he wants to donate his body for medical research as a way to payback his "personal debt" to this country as a new immigrant.

Mr. Su has had a normal life, yet a great life, as a music lover, an antique researcher (hobby), a beloved father, a tender husband, a friend and a cancer fighter. We will always miss him.

Mr. Su's funeral ceremony was held at the Bothell Funeral Home (18224 103rd Ave, NE, Bothell, WA 98011) on Sunday November 30, 2003. Donations to Su's family will be greatly appreciated, and will help to cover part of the funeral expenses and other family debts that arose out of this tragedy.

As part of federal 501 charitable organizations, your employer may match your donation. Please make a note on your check "for Su Family Relief" and specify if you need a federal tax refund receipt. Provide your contact information (phone or email) and your employer name if you do not mind we contact them for the matching program.

Mr. Jian Yu (English: