Upcoming Events 

WPCC-China New PDT Shanghai Clinic is in Planning

WPCC-China is working with DeJi (德济), the newest hospital in Shanghai, to open the second PDT clinic in Shanghai in the fourth quarter, 2014.

This is a joint-venture between WPCC-China and DeJi, one of the most sophisticated Neurosurgen out-patient hospital in south China. Doctors from both organizations are actively preparing the new medical technolodge review board conference by Shanghai Medical Administration Bureau.


WPCF Ding Family Educational Award, 2014 has been Approved by the Educational Board

This is the fourth year of WPCF Ding Family Educational Award Program in China, which served elementary schools in Yunnan and Guangxi provinces and colleges in Shanxi province. The award provides scholarship to students in village schools as well as school supplies. The program this year features financial assistanship to village teachers in need.

Application process starts as soon as students return to school in this Fall.

Please check back for future events, we will post them when details are available.

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 US Post office Stamp Fights Cancer

US Postal service has released a stamp for raising funds to fight cancer.