Past Events


The First WPCC-China PDT Clinic Opens in Beijing

In May 2014, WPCC-China opened its first PDT clinic in China after two-year clinical trial approved by the Ministrate of Healthcare (卫生部). This clinic applied the most advanced cancer therapy technology to patients who have brain tumors and has received notable treatment results for patients who participated in the program.

PDT is the 4th most effective cancer treatment besides the three conventional cancer treatment: Open-Skull Surgery, Kemo Therapy, and Radiation. This technology is approved by FDA in the U.S. for skin cancer. Doctors and scientists at WPCF have successfully deployed the technology to treat brain tumors in China and other places in the world.

Assisted by venture capital, WPCC-China was successfully coming into operation in Beijing with a joint-venture between WPCC-China and PhuHua (普华) medical center, a medical group from north California.


WPCF Welcomes New Volunteers in the Summer 2014

Welcome new volunteers recently joined WPCF in various departments: Bi Lei, UW Accouting student has joined Cooperate Accounting Operation with Jackie, who is a volunteer from Redmond City Hall. Both support our business and accounting operations. Tina Pi, Computer Science student from UW, has joined us in supporting Business Operation and WPCF website management. Welcome volunteers for new challenges and opportunities!