Pacific Sun Studio

The Pacific Sun Studio (Pacific Sun) is a film and video production organization, a subsidiary of WPCF, a 501.C.3 not for profit organization registered with IRS in US.


To promote cancer prevention and community health awareness by supporting the marketing need of WPCF in format of film and media.

Film Sketch

Life is a wonderful thing, as exhibited by many of the dramatis personae of this film.  Meanings of life are colorfully exemplified by Mr. Gary Locke, former governor of Washington State; in the medical field by Dr. Liao; in the art world by Mr. Long; in the computer science filed by Ms. Zhang; and in the restaurant business by Mr. Zhu.

They all live in the Seattle region and they are all extraordinary US citizens with yet humble beginnings in China.  No matter which business that they excel today, their roots are from China. Some of them are born in the US and able to work their way to the top.  Others were born in China and spent at least their first 20 years of life in China.  Even they are well educated when they left the motherland, China was a developing country so they faced immediate cultural and living environment shock when they arrived on the rich soils of the United States of America.  It was like starting their new life after their Weltanschauung is set.  The transformation happened slowly but surely in the 15 year or so span.  Today, they are all successful in varies careers and can claim that “My American Dream Came True.”

This film, through their own words, documents how they made it in America.  Narrated by the beautiful lady Nancy Lee with her sweet and soft voice in both Chinese and English, she threads the events together with live interviews, round table discussions, social snap shots, and mixed with breath taking Seattle sceneries.  Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer greet you with “Ni Hao” and Gary Lock briefs you about his view of US-Sino relationships, as this film’s side highlights.

All film locations are in the Seattle area – home to many global conglomerates such as Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, Amazon, etc., as well as many Chinese-Americans.

Nancy and Henry Lee are co-producing this film. It is directed by Mr. Harry Zhu.   Music composer is Krishnamurthy Kalvai. (Add other credits here.)


This film is mainly indented to be aired on CCTV which has 1.3 billion viewers in China.  Other than China, American audience may be interested in the inspiring storylines as well.

Management Team

Zhan Xiao  (Director)

Frank Hou (Director)

Shannon Sun (Executive Producer)

Chi Wang (Acting Producer)