Pacific Cancer Prevention Center (PCPC)

Pacific Cancer Prevention Center (PCPC) is a medical and clinical research group dedicated to:

Pacific Cancer Prevention Center (PCPC) is a subsidiary of Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF), an IRS registered non-profit organization (501.C.3).

Mission Statement:

To serve communities by developing the most effective cancer preventive programs supported by clinical trial data and research projects covering medical, inhibitory and social aspects.


President, PCPC

Dr. Mike Liao, President of Pacific Cancer Prevention Center (PCPC), is a licensed physician and an affiliated investigator at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.  Fellowship in hematology-oncology at the University of Washington.  He obtained his internal medicine residency at Brown University (1995).



Dr. Liao did postdoctoral research at Stanford University in 1992.  He was a CUSBEA China–United States Biochemistry Examination Application program PhD student at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1987.  He graduated from West China University of Medical Science, Chengdu, Sichuan in 1983.  He also received a master degree in cell biology at Beijing in 1984.

Dr. Liao is a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (2002-2004). He recently was listed in the National Who's Who in the USA.

Participating Professionals:

Dr. Lijuan Wang, Pathologist, Brown Hospital 

Prof. Yuan Bo, Ohio State University, Bio-Engineering, cancer genetic drug 

Dr.Zhang, Blood Cancer Specialist; University Hospital at Gainesville, Florida

Dr. Tang, Emory, Assistant Professor, preventive medicine, Emory University

Dr. GouCheng Zhang, Post Doctorate Candidate, Emory University 

Dr. Hua Mu, Director of Cancer Drug Research, a leading Drug company

Dr. Dandan Meng, Research Scientist, UGS

Dr. Mengtao Li, Assist Professor, UK

Dr. Yian Ki, Research Scientist

Dr. Yuming Zhang, Research Scientist, PCPC

Dr. Xuping Long, Research Scientist, Bio-informatics, Merck

Dr. Zhantao Yang, Research Scientist, UW


PCPC Preventive Program Planning Guidelines

1.     Health Preventive Seminar

This is a medical professional led seminar which provides medical information on cancer research trends, cancer preventive information, and addressing community health concerns.  This activity will provide us with closer access to medical and clinic services.  Also, it will allow us to know medical professionals in our community better.

2.     Asian Population Cancer Survey and Study

This survey and study targets the Asian community in Pacific Northwest to identify the demographic and habit factors relating to Asian cancer patients, which will provide a better understanding of the population needs and build a foundation in tailoring preventive programs for our community.  The publication of the results of this survey and study will assist Pacific Cancer Prevention Center (PCPC) in obtaining federal grants and funding  in cancer research and  prevention resources for the Asian population.

3.     Health Clinic Consultation

This program provides free health consultation for the community on a regular schedule covering all health topics including cancer preventive consultation.  No insurance coverage is needed.  Medical tests will be ordered by the doctor and conducted through a third party at the patients' own expense.

4.     International Exchange Programs

PAPC will establish academic and clinic exchange programs with universities and hospitals in China to exchange personnel and medical technology in cancer diagnosis, genetics drug research, and production in China

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