Pacific Performing Arts Center (PPAC)

Pacific Performing Arts Center (PPAC) is a performing arts organization dedicated in developing musical and theatrical programs to enrich cultural community life.  It promotes health awareness and provides music educational programs to the youth and the community.  PPAC is largely made up of close knit community of music professionals and music lovers who perform together.

Pacific Performing Arts Center (PPAC) performs on a regular schedule, mostly on major holidays. They also provide musical lessons and training for the public.  PPAC shows include classical, vocal, pop, old and modern music and dance.  Opera is one of the revitalized areas people enjoyed the most in our past performances.


Art is a powerful weapon to fight back stress and cancer.  Art brightens our life in the darkness of depression and daily stress from work and weariness.


PPAC music programs are like “fresh air”, “feeling of home coming that is long gone”, “excitement”, and “reminds me of my youth..”, these are some of the feedback we have received from a wide range of our audiences.


PPAC is a subsidiary of Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF), a federal IRS registered non-profit organization (501.C.3).


PPAC consists of the following professional departments:


·         Dance Department

·         Vocal Music Department

·         Pop Music Department

·         Opera and Theater Department

·         Youth Musical Education Department



Mission Statement


To serve the community by developing quality musical and theatrical programs to enrich the quality of life and prevent illnesses.






Chief Artistic Director, PPAC


Mr. Jian-ping Xie, Chief Art Director of PPAC, received music training from the PLA Art and Music University of China and Xiamen University.  He has been a leading dancer, art director and instructor in various army and civil art and music organizations for the past four decades.  He is a National First Class artist with many awards and a member of the National Dancer Association.  He was a key figure in the Pioneer Troupe of Fuzhou Army Group and president of the Army Spring Troupe.  He is a fellow at an art research institute sponsored by the Singapore government.

The Team Leaders:

Xiaolan Peng, Sr. Art Consultant, Opera 

Yiafang, Sun, Sr. Art Consultant, Vocal 

Huan Xie, Director of Dance Dept 

Li Li, Sr. Art Consultant, Performing Art 

Ying Zhang, Director of Pop Music 

Liying Huang, Dance Instructor 

Yianping Liu, Sr. Art Consultant, Photograph 

Gengcun Yu, Sr. Art Consultant, Film


PPAC Excellent Artist Award Program

To reward artists who have dedicated their time and artistic talents to PPAC and its performing art shows, the WPCF board established the PPAC Excellent Artist Award Program in 2006.  The beautiful gold medal was designed by a Redmond based jewelry technician.  The 2006 PPAC Excellent Artist Award went to Mr. Xie, Chief Artistic Director of PPAC.

Mr. Xie has served in this capacity for over 3 years as a leader and artistic professional.  His persistent leadership and contributions have made him the first PPAC artist to receive this prestigious award.  Congratulations to Director Xie!


PPAC 2006 Spring Festival Performance:

The performance was held in Renton Arts Performance Center on 01/21/06 & 02/04/06. Pictures from the performance.

PPAC Documentary Film

PPAC has announced production of a documentary film "The Microsoftian".  PPAC and WPCF are planning to make a large scale and multi-episode series live documentary to show all aspects of Chinese Microsoft engineers' growth and fulfillment in the land of Dreams.

This documentary film is aimed for audiences in China and the US showing the life of young Microsoft engineers through their joys, pains, and successes.

Xi Zhou, Film Director and Photographer and Boqing Wang, the famous author of on-line literature, have accepted our invitation for this project.  Terror View, a Seattle based business has acquired major sponsorship in this project.

PPAC and Redmond Winter Performance Series

PPAC has been recommended by Ms. Latha P. Sambamurti, Chair of Performing Arts for the Redmond Arts Commission to perform at the popular Redmond Winter Performance Series in Redmond, WA in the winter of 2006.  This PPAC show will be held at the Redmond Performance Center (at Redmond High School), 7 p.m., Saturday, January 28, 2006.

The Red Cap Youth Ensemble Commenced

The Red Cap Youth Ensemble is the young performing artist educational department of PPAC focused on training and stage performance with professional instructors.  Students will be trained in music, dance, drama, and musical instruments.  They will perform at large scale PPAC shows all year round.  Call for enrollment information at 206-313-1135.

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Music and Dance Performances (past):


a. 2005 Seattle Chinese Music and dance Show, Jan. 12, 2005, Kirkland and Jan 13, 2005, Renton, WA


b. 2004 The Full Mood Festival Music and Dance Show, Sept 11-12, Kirkland, WA


c. Fund Raising Music and Dance Show for Ms. Hong Liu, a cancer patient, May 29, 2004, Mercer Island, WA


Beijing opera:  “The Snow Plateau” with dance accompaniment (Spring 2005)

News Archive





Spring Festival

Kirkland Performance Center


Spring Festival

IKEA Performing Arts Center



Moon Festival

Kirkland Performance Center


Music and Dance Show

Straum Jewish Community Center


Dance Party

UW, South Campus Center


Luncheon with Managers from Microsoft and AT&T

Seven Star Chinese Restaurant,
Mercer Island


Dance Party

Mercer Island Community Center



To support cancer patients and their families in the fight against the fatal disease cancer, and to promote the awareness of cancer preventive measures through educational and medical programs.

To provide the younger generation with social responsibility, learning opportunity, and organizing collective and substantive efforts to improving our life by building a better community.

Chi Wang