Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF)

Well Pacific Cancer Foundation was founded in Seattle, Washington in July 2003. It is a federal registered 501.C.3 organization (not-for-profit). It supports cancer patients and terminal illness patients by:

  1. Providing patient care through volunteer work.
  2. Arranging patient transportation - including free medical flights.
  3. Sponsoring cancer preventive education programs led by medical professionals.
  4. Encouraging youth to participate in community patient services.

Mission Statement

To build a better community by supporting cancer patients and their families in their time of need, improving the quality of our cultural life; and being proactive in cancer prevention.

WPCF Story

Inspired by the fund raising events for Mr. Weinming Zhang, a pancreas cancer patient in May 2003, Mr. Chi Wang, Mrs. Cungang Du, his wife, and some friends founded a volunteer group in July 2003. The group was later registered with the IRS, as a charity group with federal tax exempt status.

Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF) supports cancer patients and their families by volunteering home services and funds donated by individuals, organizations and businesses. It provides a social safety-net to distressed families with financial and physical challenges.  Furthermore, our professionals can provide patients with medical and legal advice when needed. Also, our practitioners provide alternative therapy and nutritional supplements. Other supporting programs include patient visits, medical professional led seminars, educational and informational programs, patient treatment progress reports, as well as health news in cancer prevention and early detection.

Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF) recognizes the importance of cancer education to young people, especially the need of teaching them to be socially responsible. Our school age volunteer program and Young Cancer Fighter scholarship program is specifically tailored to meet their needs for information and opportunities in assisting cancer patients.

Organization Structure

The Governing Board of WPCF

The Advisory Committee of WPCF

Pacific Performing Arts Center (PPAC)

Pacific Cancer Prevention Center (PCPC)

Pacific Business Center (PBC)


Mr. Chi Wang,  Gen. Secretary,  Advisory Committee, and Founder of WPCF Mr. Chi Wang started his career as a purchasing manager for a Chinese central import and export agency in the early 80's in Beijing. He arrived at University of Louisville in 1988 and earned a MA in Sociology and a MBA. His latest career included a senior engineering planner for AT&T and a senior engineering manager at VoiceStream. He and wife, Cungang Du, have a daughter, Judy, who is attending University of Washington as a junior. 

Mr. Sula Hou, Executive Director of the Admin. Department

Mr. Kurt Frenter, Executive Director of Development

Mr. Weigou Wang, Executive Director of Theater Technology

Mr. Jinshan Zhang, Executive Director of Internet and Web

Ms. Cungang Du, Sr. Manager of Support

Ms. Lisa Li, Sr. Manager of Administration Office

Ms. Lily Wang, Sr. Manager of Chief Director's Office

Ms. Junya Li, Sr. Manager of Public Relations

Ms. Dennie, Sr. Press Agent

Ms. Jenny Wang, Sr. Manager of Volunteering

Ms. Judy Wang, Manager of Youth Programs