Well Pacific Cancer Foundation Donation Program

How do I donate?

There are many ways to make a donation:

Donate by Mail:

Well Pacific Cancer Foundation (WPCF)

P.O. Box 50302

Bellevue, WA� 98015

Donate Online:

     Online donation is available through paypal. Click the button below to donate now.


Well Pacific Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization completely funded from donations and educational programs:

1. Donation Programs

  1. Car wash (summer only)
  2. Campaign Fund raising (all year around)
  3. Corporate fund raising
  4. Special fund raising events (TBD)

2. Medical Professional Seminars (Cancer Preventive)

Community Support and Educational Events

3. Scholarship for our Young Volunteers

High school graduates are encouraged to apply for Young Cancer Fighter scholarships.� The scholarships are awarded on merit once a year with a first place award of $1,000 and the finalists receiving $200.� �

 How will your donations make a difference?

We use the individual and corporate donations to fund the following activities:

         Provide patients with medical treatment which are NOT covered by insurance, such as Chinese acupuncture, herbal medicines, Qigong therapy, and magnetic therapy.

         Provide patients with nutrition supplements which are NOT covered by insurance, such as OPC3,    Reliv, Pharmax, and Mannatech.

         Support patient transportation and home/hospital additional care needs.

         Support community health and youth educational needs.

         Support volunteer activities relating to fund raising and cancer awareness events.

 Donations are Federal Tax Deductible:

The WPCF charitable donation program is approved and supported by the IRS with a tax exempt status.� WPCF organized events such as arts, cultural, and community activities will be tax deductible, as well as donations to cancer patients.

Your donations to WPCF will be matched by most corporations such as the following:


         Google Corporation